I was reminded of the inescapability of life’s cycles from the moment I woke up yesterday to the time I fell asleep. My day began as usual at 5:15 am when my wife’s alarm went off. I typically get out of bed a few minutes after so she can use the shower first. Yesterday, my [...]

Petri Amendment Fails

If you haven’t already read it somewhere, the Petri/Johnson amendment to save federal funding for bicycle projects fell 29-27 in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee vote today. Representatives Frank LoBiondo (R-NY), Tom Petri (R-WI) and Tim Johnson (R-IL) were the 3 Republicans who withstood major pressure from the chairman and leadership, and turned down [...]

Still Time to Save Cycling

The Bike Fed received our last update about the Petri (R-WI)/Johnson (R-IL) amendment to the House Transportation Bill around 8:30 last night.  The news is mixed as Petri has only two solid Republican votes in support of his amendment on the 59 member committee. Rep. Reid Ribble, (R-WI) who represents the 8th district (click to see map), [...]