We know you need a lot of fuel to ride 175 miles, so our Ride Across Wisconsin features some of the best food you will find on any ride. We have rest stops every 25 miles with traditional offerings like Bonk Breaker performance nutrition bars, gels, chomps, electrolyte drinks to fuel your Ride Across Wisconsin. We also add some treats like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, brownie bites, cookies and other treats so you can mix it up a bit.

Riders in the original “Founders” kits watch the Mexican folk dancers perform while they grab lunch in Beloit.

There is even local entertainment at the catered lunch at The Rock Bar & Grill, right off the bike trail on the Rock River in Beloit. You will get your choice of a freshly made Wraps. The vegetarian wrap will have lettuce, roasted red pepper, cucumber, tomato, and sweet chili mayo. Meat eaters will have a choice between turkey with lettuce, shredded cheese, tomato, and mayo or grilled chicken wrap lettuce, ranch dressing and bacon bits. Of course, there will be chips from Beloit’s own Frito Lay to get some carbs and salt back in your system, along with a cookie for dessert.

We have found that because riders have been eating regularly at all the other rest stops they only need a small lunch despite having just finished riding 105 very hilly miles. Riders are also anxious to get back on their bikes and get to the finish in Kenosha, so we have moved to easier to eat meals.

Jens Voigt grabbing a beer at the finishing party.

At the finish party in Kenosha we will have hot pizza, Italian sausage bombers, Italian beef as well as vegi, vegan and gluten-free options waiting for you! You can wash that down with a cold one from Public Craft Brewing of Kenosha poured in your RAW finisher beer stein. If it is hot, you can jump in Lake Michigan and we will also have a shower truck waiting for you if you want to clean up a bit after your epic day.

Some of the Hollander Benelux riders holding the prize after finishing. Soon to be the most sought after piece of swag in Wisconsin, the RAW beer stein cannot be bought, only earned with 175 miles of grit.