Share & Be Aware classes

Go by Bike

This introductory course covers bicycling laws, essential gear for your bike, and how to plan and ride your route to the store, library, work or anywhere safely and confidently.  45 minutes

Biking In Traffic

This presentation is a great follow up to Go By Bike and delves more deeply into commuting and advanced traffic skills. 45 minutes long (Biking in Traffic and Go By Bike can be combined into a fast-paced one hour class)

 Adults on Bikes (13+)

This on-bike course covers state laws, bike handling skills, safe riding techniques, and a community ride to put new skills into practice. Participants must bring their bicycle and helmet!  Great follow up to Go By Bike and Biking in Traffic. 1-2 hours.

Driver’s Ed

This course can be tailored for new, veteran, or professional drivers and highlights the responsibilities of people driving to keep people walking and biking safe. 1 hour.

Kids on Bikes (<13)

Similar to Adult on Bike but targets issues specific to our youngest bicycle riders.  This course develops safe cycling practices in kids and give parents peace of mind with lessons on safe braking, turning and straight line riding. Kids must bring their bicycle and helmet! 1-2 hours.

Improving Safety for All Road Users

This course educates law enforcement officers about bike and pedestrian laws so they can help create a safer community.  Recent law changes, targeted enforcement strategies, and additional resources are all covered.  30 mins to 1 hour.

Skills for People Walking

Special attention is given to identifying and avoiding common driver errors that put pedestrians in danger. This class can be tailored for a senior citizen audience as they are at a higher crash risk but is appropriate for all adults. 1 hour.

Active Walking Class

Take a community walk to learn how to safely and assertively cross streets, understand what people in cars should and are likely to do, and understand walking issues and solutions for your community. Active Walking can be combined with Skills for People Walking 1 hour

 Interested in bringing a class to your area, school, workplace or event?