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Join us in making Wisconsin’s roads safer

Share & Be Aware is a data driven statewide campaign to make walking and biking even safer by educating all road users. Every person, whether walking, biking, or driving has a role to play in traffic safety.

Follow the links on the menu to the left to learn more about your rights and responsibilities when bicycling, walking and driving.

A team of Share & Be Aware ambassadors has worked  across the state to spread these important road safety messages. Volunteer training and toolkit has been developed for anyone interested in learning to improve road safety in their community.

Do you want to help make your community more comfortable for people to walk and bike?  We have developed the tools and materials for you to use to make a difference where you live.

Contact if you are interested in learning more about the volunteer program.

Share & Be Aware is a partnership between the Wisconsin Bike Fed and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Safety.

For some quick tips on safe walking, biking and driving, scroll down through the illustration below.