Member Discount Program

By offering Bike Fed members a discount at your business, you can brand your company as bicycle friendly, attract more customers and make it easier for the Bike Fed to attract new members at the same time.

While most people join the Bike Fed because they love cycling and want to help make Wisconsin an even better place to ride, the personal benefits of individual membership do help us attract and retain members. One of those benefits is the member discount program at bike shops, restaurants, hotels and other businesses across Wisconsin. Our members tend to be loyal to cycling and will go out of their way to frequent businesses they know support cycling as well.

Find Discount Providers

Roll over the points on the map below to see discount providers in your area or download a PDF of discount providers.

View Bike Fed Discount Providers in a full screen map

Discounts are offered to people with memberships in the Bike Fed. For information about the benefits of organizational membership, click here.

Offer a Discount

Interested in offering a discount to Bike Fed members at your business? Contact: or call 608-251-4456 and ask for Betsy.