The Self-Driving Future: Dream or Nightmare?

Join us on Thursday, April 20th, at Music Hall on the UW-Madison Campus for a free conference presented by the Wisconsin Bike Fed with generous support from the AAA of Wisconsin, Department of Urban & Regional Planning and the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission.

Self-driving cars are coming at us fast. They could lead to much safer conditions for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and a more vibrant, less car-centric landscape. Or they could mean even more sprawl and a nightmare of ever-moving mobile warehouses. Three national experts and nine local reactors will offer their perspective at this free conference.

The speakers

  • Peter Rafferty, Program Manager for the Wisconsin Traffic Operations & Safety Lab
  • Debs Schrimmer, Transportation Partnerships Analyst for Lyft
  • Dr. David Yang, Executive Director of the AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety
  • Plus local reactor panels.