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A full day of education, advocacy, networking, and cycling!

Plan to spend Saturday, May 5th in Madison for the Wisconsin Bike Summit where you will gather inspiration and ideas from people doing great work across the state.

This year’s program will focus on what’s happening around our state at the grassroots level.  The Summit brings together bicycling and equity advocates, transportation planners, elected officials, and others, all working in diverse ways to make Wisconsin a great place to bicycle.

Join Equiticity in partnership with community-based organizations for a bicycle ride in the City of Madison on the evening of Friday, May 4, 2018 from 6pm to 8pm.  The target audience for this ride is Black, Brown and Indigenous people of color who live or work in a predominantly low- to moderate-income, community of color in Madison.  All Bike Summit participants are invited to join the ride.  Please see the ride facebook event  for more information.

Saturday, May 5th  Park Hotel, Madison 9:30 am to 5pm with reception to follow

When the Fire Starts to Burn: The Power of Bicycles as Community Transformation with Oboi Reed

The presentation will explore the direct connection between community bicycle rides and the advancement of a bicycle advocacy agenda centered on bicycle equity, community transformation and social justice in low- to moderate-income communities of color.

Best Practices in Separated Bikeways with Michael Loughran and Jennifer Hefferan

This presentation will provide an overview of the state of the practice for separated bikeways, which are defined as exclusive space for bicyclists along or within a roadway that is physically separated from motor vehicles and pedestrians. The presentation will start with a brief history of bicycle facilities in the United States and what we can achieve here in Wisconsin.

Wayfinding for Bicyclists: All Who Wander Are Not Lost, but Some Are and We Can Help with Renee Callaway and Sonia Dubielzig

Highlights of this session include 1)Why bicycle wayfinding is a good investment; 2)Basics of planning for bicycle wayfinding; 3) Lessons learned from wayfinding projects and 4) Implementation considerations.   An optional bicycle tour of local wayfinding examples is planned.

Route of the Badger: Connecting Southeast Wisconsin with Willie Karidis

The Route of the Badger The Route of the Badger offers a vision of healthy, thriving communities in Southeast Wisconsin centered around a world-class, 500-mile-plus regional trail system that connects people across towns and counties, providing endless transformational opportunities for physical activity, tourism, connections to nature, recreation and stronger businesses along the route. A relatively small investment that builds upon existing infrastructure can improve the connectivity of the trail system; better connecting people to the places they want to go. When more people can use trails to get where they want to go, the benefits to the economy, public health and transportation become the foundation of healthy, sustainable communities.

Collaborative Campaigns for Complete Streets and Planning with Adam Wood and Joyce Tang Boyland

Complete Streets are streets that are safe and attractive for all ages, abilities, and modes of travel.  Proper public policy and planning and eventual implementation of Complete Streets carries many benefits: improved public health, more efficient public spending, and a more inclusive community with better access to amenities.  However, social and political barriers often obstruct progress in this area. The discussion will examine past and present campaigns for Complete Streets, analyze the social psychology operative in successful campaigns, and offer friendly suggestions for communities seeking to enact Complete Streets in their localities.

Sylvan Hill Mountain Bike Park: Case Study in Community Bike Development with Jahn Martin

This presentation will discuss the process of bringing the Sylvan Hill Mountain Bike to completion in Wausau, WI.  Presenters will chronicle the process of identifying the opportunity, working with municipal government, fundraising, contractor selection and CWOCC’s volunteer efforts on the project.   IMBA Chapters and bike clubs will learn how to engage community leaders, identify sources for fundraising and mobilize local volunteers.

Mobile workshops:
Bicycle Tour of Local Innovative Bicycle Facilities with John Rider

Take a tour by BCycle of Madison’s most innovative facilities to visualize what can be achieved in your community.

Bicycle Benefits Tour with Ian Klepetar

A 6-mile lunchtime slow roll to Madison’s east side to showcase recent infrastructure additions that enhance the riding experience.  Free Pizza will be provided to all who attend the ride. The ride will leave from the adjacent B-Cycle Station at 12:05 sharp. Contact for further details.

Hands on Bicycle Repair Instruction with Elijah McCloskey

Come learn basic to intermediate bicycle repair skills, with hands on assistance and demonstrations.

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