414 = RAD

All the depressing, wonky, political transportation funding stuff got you down? Ride your bike! This little video from local company SUNringlé features awesome action from Rays Indoor MTB park and 4 Seasons Skate Park.   2012 Milwaukee Ray’s/4Seasons Team Edit from Sunringlebmx on Vimeo.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Every time it gets really cold outside, I watch this video to stay inspired about winter riding. “After the Fall” is more than a film about winter cycling, as it takes a look at underground bike culture in a growing industrial city. Filmed in Milwaukee during the winter of 2006-2007 by Marshall Pierce, a Wisconsin native, [...]

Videos of Three Chicago Commutes

This week there were three very different videos published of bicycle commuting south of the Cheddar Curtain.  Taken as a group, I think they provide tremendous insight into the state of bicycle infrastructure in the United States and help to answer why less than one percent of people bike to work even though nearly half [...]