2016 Cycling Resolutions

I not only like making New Years resolutions, I typically stick to them. Just ask my former friends if I kept my 2012 resolution to stop being so nice. Seriously though, my coworkers and I at the Bike Fed take our organizational resolutions pretty serioulsy. You can review our 2105 resolutions in this blog post [...]

Madison achieves Platinum status as Bicycle Friendly Community

Madison attained Platinum status as a Bicycle Friendly Community in the League of American Bicyclists awards released Monday, and now ranks as one of the five best cities for biking in the country. The recognition caps a decade-long effort initiated by then-Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, and one that has origins in the bike paths that Mayor [...]

Appleton Bike Summit a Big Success

The Wisconsin Bike Fed hosted its annual summit outside the cycling hotbed of Madison for the first time on Friday, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. About 200 bicycle enthusiasts gathered on Appleton’s beautiful Lawrence University campus and shared their ideas and enthusiasm for cycling, not solely as a recreational endeavor, [...]