No Easy Fix for Roads in Sight

There is widespread agreement among Republicans and Democrats that the nation’s infrastructure – particularly its roads and bridges – needs a boost. What they can’t agree on is how to pay for it. The need for improvement is especially true in Wisconsin where a recent study found our roads ranked 38th (12th worst in the [...]

Lighting the Way

It’s a small bill, but it’s indicative of the ascendency of bikes. Assembly Bill 668 would require that bikes operated on most multi-use state trails (but not mountain bike trails) be equipped with lights on the front and rear. It’s a common sense rule that the Bike Fed supports. But the reason it’s even an [...]

Silent Sports Victory

Last week the Natural Resources Board rejected a proposal that would have opened more parts of state parks, forests and other lands to motorized recreational vehicles, like ATV’s. It was a modest victory for silent sports enthusiasts, including hikers, skiers and cyclists. To explain the chain of events we have to go back a few [...]

Dave In, Dave Out

The end of the year is often a time of transitions. News outlets look back at the year’s top stories and we remember celebrities who have passed away. Critics compile lists of the year’s best films, booksand music. The first few weeks in December are given over to that kind of retrospection before we near [...]