Bike to School Day and United Nations plead for you to #Slowdown

This week we celebrated National Bike to School Day (May 10th) and The United Nations reminds us all to slow down to keep kids safe. We all share in the responsibility of keeping our children safe, no matter our choice in transportation mode.

K3 biker rides with Mom to school today. Youngest pedal bike commuter in Milwaukee?

We all know kids love stickers and trinkets. Parents got stickers too :)


National Bike to School Day is celebrated in Milwaukee!

I was watching the weather reports all week crossing my fingers and toes. The rain held off giving us a great 50° and sunny day to get out and ride (or walk, skate, scoot) to school! Fernwood, Howard Ave, Maryland Ave Montessori Schools all had events. Fairview and Honey Creek cooperated on a Bike Train from a parking lot between the two schools and had 82 walkers and riders all together. James F. Cooper School hosted a used Bike Donation collection for our Safe Route to School program. Humboldt Park School put their Bike Lock Library to use welcoming bike riders . Parkside School of the Arts also filled their racks they purchased with Fire Up Your Feet award money a few years ago. Loving the matching bike racks to the school colors!


Missed out on having an event this week? No problem! Some tips on planning an event in only a couple weeks are found here. Still plenty of great weather and time left before school lets out for the season!

Even with newly added racks Fernwood Montessori was in overflow parking mode today.


Fairview Cheerleaders welcome bikers and walkers into school!

Biking as a family is the best! Lead by example and be a “Roll Model”

Driver Field of Vision at 15 mph VS 30-40 mph



The #SaveKidsLives campaign was originally created for the 3rd United Nations Global Road Safety Week (UNGRSW) in 2015. Thanks to your support, the campaign has achieved incredible heights with over 1 million supporters, and continues to influence the global road safety agenda.

Now, the 4th UNGRSW will run from 8-14 May 2017. We encourage you, as a supporter of the #SaveKidsLives campaign to throw your weight behind Save Lives #SlowDown!

The UN Week is dedicated to speed management, an issue directly linked to the 2020 Action Agenda’s first key priority; a safe journey to school for every child including safe roads and speed management around every school.

To demonstrate your continued support, we invite you to simply pledge to #SlowDown here. And if you would like to do more, you can even organize a #SlowDown Day during the UN Week.

Slow Down and SAVE LIVES

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