Action Cycle! Girls Bike Club still has two rides left this season

This post submitted by Safe Routes to School Instructor Angela Livermore.


Action Cycle’s third ride is complete, with two more rides remaining!

This past Saturday turned out to be a truly beautiful fall afternoon. We left Dreambikes with a small but excited group and headed onto Brown Street. From there we hit the switchback in Kadish Park, which we are becoming quite skilled at, and took the Beerline Trail over to Gordon Park. We crossed the Milwaukee River taking the Locust Street bridge and then connected with the Oak Leaf Trail going south. Our break stop this week was the east side Urban Ecology Center. The group got some water, looked at some snakes and tried to tune a ukulele. Here are a few excerpts of journal entries from during our break.
 ”It was really fun and the trail by the bridge was the best part so far for me. And the granola bars.”
 ”I had a lot of fun, my favorite part of the ride was when we stopped at the Urban Ecology Center and looked at the animals.”
On the ride back to Dreambikes we wanted to take streets with bike lanes. Our route was Humboldt Blvd. to Center Street. and then 2nd St. back to the shop. Action Cycle’s next ride is Saturday October 22nd leaving at 11am followed by it’s last scheduled ride of the season Saturday October 29th, with NO week off in between!
We hope to see everyone on the rides.

What is Action Cycle?

Action Cycle is a bicycle centered, community focused movement for female youth who live in the Milwaukee area, focusing on zip codes 53206 and 53212. Members take bi-weekly group rides, exploring their city in a new and intimate manner. Following a group ride, all members make a journal entry concerning the experiences that were exciting and/or made them feel unsafe. These experiences will illustrate to all whom participate they may be leaders and be heard. The program aspires to encourage youth to find bicycle routes to school or the library safely and independently. Action Cycle is a platform to use the power of the bicycle for youth to organize neighborhood improvement. Ultimately this program is a conduit for change where needed while empowering young female youth along the ride.

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