“Shut up legs,” speak up mind

  Cyclists have been celebrating Jens Voigt’s “Shut up legs” quote for years, while too often overlooking the flip side of that famous quip: speak up mind. The retired grand tour rider got me thinking about the all-important second leg of wisdom - and the Zen of riding trails - during a talk at the [...]

Potential Trail Needs Support!

Thanks for this guest post by John Siegert, Route of the Badger Project Manager for Rails to Trails. John lives in Racine, is a member of the Bike Fed Board of Directors and works out of our Milwaukee office two days a week. You can contact John via email or at 414-255-0399. We really need [...]

Riding a Bicycle IS Safe

One of the comments we got about yesterday’s post about the crash that killed Bike Fed member Andy Nowak asked why our organization doesn’t recommend people not ride on roads without wide paved shoulders: “Mr Held, I fail to understand why you would recommend riding to the left of the fog line when there is [...]