Thelma and YOU?

Thelma and her late husband Eli with their favorite mode of transport.

From a helpful and kind friend…

“I’m friends with a woman in Shorewood who has tandem biked with her husband for the past couple decades – Eli and Thelma Lubkin.  They biked in all weather, and together they would bike on their errands and just to get out.

Eli passed away a few weeks ago.

Thelma has her family in town this week, and her other friends and I will be checking in on her, but she doesn’t want to give up the tandem.

This is kind of a combination of social and biking, but do you know of any people who might want to work with an older lady to get some exercise and maybe run errands on a tandem? They’d be the “lead”.

Height and ability restrictions may apply as you’d have to fit on the bike.”

If you live near Shorewood, and would be interested in meeting Thelma to discuss being riding buddies, please contact her friend Theresa via email at


Bundled up together.

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