“Fed Up With Winter” a Great Success!

Fed Up With Winter

On Sunday April 12th, we held our first Fed Up With Winter indoor cycling fundraiser. It was a blast!

Riders cycled indoors on trainers and stationary bikes at Paceline Indoor Cycling, Speed Cycling, and Wisconsin Indoor Cycling. They joined the Bike Fed, and took their chances in the raffle of a CycleOps PowerBeam Pro trainer, generously donated by Saris.
Speaking of which … drum roll … announcing our raffle winner: Bryan Mowry, who pedaled at Speed Cycling, got to take home the PowerBeam!

Bryan claims his prize at the Bike Fed’s Madison office. From left: Petra Kilian-Gehring, Bryan Mowry, Dave Cieslewicz, Peter Gray

Bryan says: “I was extremely excited to participate in Fed Up With Winter because it helps support the Wisconsin Bike Fed. The Bike Fed is critical in improving and promoting bicycling throughout the state. As a biker, I have benefited from its efforts in advancing education and legislation to improve safety.

“Wisconsin winter does provide its challenges. I enjoy training at a studio because it gives me the opportunity to meet fellow bikers who are enthusiastic about cycling, and work on valuable techniques to improve my efficiency and speed. This new trainer will allow me to stay in shape when I need to train late at night and during bad weather.”

April 12 was late in the season for us to hold this event. And as it turned out, the weather was not wintry but gorgeous. We did in April simply because we had the idea a little late (when we were already fed up with winter) and decided to go for it anyway. Despite that, the event raised $1,925 for the Bike Fed, and we can consider this a “soft opening” for next year.  Look for Fed Up With Winter again in early 2016. We’ll hold it in the dead of winter - January or February - when you’ll be really good and fed up.
We want to thank our wonderful indoor cycling studio owners who partnered with us: Aaron Pratt (Wisconsin Indoor Cycling), Petra Kilian-Gehring (Speed Cycling), and Becky Statz (Paceline Indoor Cycling). Many thanks to Bike Fed board member Cassandra Habel who helped plan the event, and board member Pat Gallagher who joined me and Cassandra as event volunteers.
And now, enough of being fed up with winter - time to get out for some spring riding! 

About Peter Gray

A committed bicycle commuter and recreational cyclist, Peter is a the chairman of the Board of Directors for the Bike Fed. He is also chair of Madison’s biggest annual one-day fundraising bike ride event, Bike For Boys & Girls Club. Peter works as Director of Executive Search (translation: he’s a recruiter) at The QTI Group. Clients have gotten used to seeing him arrive for meetings with windblown helmet-hair. On weekends, his wife and their 3 kids join him for adventures and errands by bike – sometimes joyfully, sometimes grudgingly. And of course, he has a bunch of bikes. Most are vintage rescues he lovingly restored. Don’t get him started!

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