Complete Streets and TAP Votes Scheduled!

Action Alert

The Wisconsin legislature’s powerful Joint Finance Committee has scheduled votes for Thursday, May 21st on the repeal of the Complete Streets law and the cut of $2 million in Transportation Alternatives Program funding.

Now is the time to contact your legislators to ask them to ask the Joint Finance Committee to restore Complete Streets and the $2 million in TAP funding. Even if you’ve contacted them before please do it again. Legislators are dealing with dozens if not hundreds of issues in the state budget and they need to be reminded of our priorities.

Again, some quick background:

Complete Streets ensures that people who bike or walk are taken into account whenever state or federal money is used to build or rebuild a street or road. So, if there is a new paved shoulder or a bike lane you’ve enjoyed there’s a good chance it happened because of Complete Streets.

TAP is money that is used to help build the kinds of installations called for under Complete Streets. The $2 million cut means that fewer projects will get built and unsafe conditions will remain that way longer.

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