Coalitions Help Fight For Cycling

  The Bike Fed has been hard at work trying to restore what would be lost if Governor Scott Walker’s budget passes unchanged. With your help we’re making progress. Thank you! Keep up the pressure. If you haven’t contacted your state senator and representative yet, please do that soon. The next step will be public [...]

Give the best of yourself in 2015

Thanks to Waukesha member David Burch for this great blog post. When David is not working as a manager in the Waukesha County Dept. of Parks and Land Use, he can often be found either riding his bike or volunteering for the Bike Fed!  People belong to organizations for a wide variety of reasons. You [...]

Keeping Biking on TAP

The tragic death of cyclist James Shafer in Waushara County over Valentines Day weekend – the first of 2015 – might have been prevented had the road he’d been riding on had a paved shoulder or a paved trail. Paving that shoulder and building new trails to prevent future tragedies, improve health and boost local [...]