Bike To Work Week 2013 Kick-Off - Eau Claire

Eau Claire’s first Bike To Work Week has started off strong! And I am getting stronger using my bike and an improvised trailer hauling our Bike Fed tent and other gear to all the events.

Less than 2 weeks after an historic 9.3″ snowfall, Eau Claire was rewarded with bright sunshine and high temps for our Bike to Work Week kick-off event at Volume One World Headquarters. People on bikes both young (9) and old (72) stopped by our commuter station, asking questions about local projects and offering insightful suggestions to help move Eau Claire cycling forward. I am really proud of our community, what we’ve done and where we’re going.

This improvised trailer system using an old hand truck works to haul our tent, table and other merchandise, but please contact me if you want to donate or help me build a better long bicycle! trailer

Bike to Work Week is a time to celebrate successes with your fellow pedal pushing neighbors, to tell inspirational stories among co-workers and encourage friends or family to give that old bicycle another try. Many local businesses, groups and organizations came together to offer free coffee, snacks, bicycle repair and chances to win some great raffle prizes.

If you’re in Eau Claire, I look forward to meeting you at the next commuter station or our Bike to Work Week Closing Celebration at Lazy Monk Brewery this Friday!

Check out these photos from our 2013 Bike To Work Week Kick-Off Party, courtesy of VolumeOne. Even

Click here for our full schedule of events and commuter stations in Eau Claire!


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