Bike to Work Week, Madison: By the Numbers

Have cup, will travel: Bike to Work Week Nirvana

Although the official dates are over and done, Madison’s Bike to Work Week (May 14-18) brought beautiful weather and more than enough enthusiasm to launch Madison into full-on BIKE mode for months to come.

The Wisconsin Bike Fed, with generous support, made the most of going by bike with morning commuter stations, an evening ride, and a week-ending celebration featuring food, drink and friends.  The aim of Bike to Work Week is simply to promote the use of bikes for transportation by tempting newcomers and rewarding those who already go by bike.  This year’s featured week was an overwhelming success!

How do we know?  Take a quick look at Bike to Work Week 2012 by the numbers:

Average daily high temperature in degrees Fahrenheit for the week.  Those who went by bike not only saved money and time, but enjoyed some amazing commuting weather!

Cups of coffee served up to morning commuters at our stations.  Thank you to several commuter station supporters who kept the java and friendly conversation flowing all week long!

The infamous "Do-Baco-nut."  Not for the weak.

The infamous "Do-Baco-Nut." Not for the weak.

Pounds of Nueske’s bacon cooked to perfection and served up to Thursday commuters at Bacon on the Bike Path.  Thanks to Planet Bike for making this event possible, and proving that even if you have a complex tent and grill set-up to haul around, you can still go by bike!

New and renewing members joining the Wisconsin Bike Fed in Madison alone this week, teaming up with us to make Madison and Wisconsin even better places to bike.  Thanks to Madison B-Cycle and Williamson Bicycle Works for sweetening the deal with extra membership perks!

New participants in the Wisconsin Bike Challenge, racking up their miles for a chance to win terrific prizes.  Remember, the Challenge runs all summer long, so sign up and start tracking your miles by bike!

If you participated in Bike to Work Week, the numbers may mean less to you than the experience iteslf.  Take our friend, John, for example:

“I’m a dad and my 2.5 mile bike commute is almost all the exercise I get.  I love it – it’s kept us a one-car family and probably saved me 10 pounds of weight gain — but it can also be a cold, lonely cowboy kind of thing.  So the recognition, the coffee, the thank-you signs along the path, and most especially the bacon are wonderful gifts.”

Experiences like John’s are why the Bike Fed is here.  We can’t offer coffee and bacon for every trip made by bike (dang!).  But we can – and do – work tirelessly to make it easier, safer and more enjoyable for folks across the state of Wisconsin to go by bike whenever possible:  for their health, for their budget and for a sense of community.

Bike to Work Week is in our rearview mirrors now, but there are opportunities to sustain the spirit and energy of the week.  Avoid that “lonely cowboy” feeling John mentions by saying hello to your fellow commuter, making a bike lunch date with coworkers, or checking out our calendar for a ride or event near you this summer.  Join one of our Madison By Bike neighborhood rides.  Sign up for the Wisconsin Bike Challenge.  Join the Bike Fed if you haven’t already, to take an active role in making every ride better, safer and more fun throughout the state.

Thanks for Riding!

Thank you to all the generous Bike to Work Week sponsors, and to everyone who got on their bike that week.  We hope you enjoyed an amazing week, and we encourage you to keep the spirit of Bike to Work Week riding on throughout the coming weeks and months!

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Martha is Membership Director at the Wisconsin Bike Fed

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