Ped & Pedal Network: February Call Notes

As evidence of our ongoing love for biking and walking, the Bike Fed celebrated Valentine’s Day by hosting a Ped & Pedal Network Call. If you missed the V Day network call, we have provided the minutes of the call below. If you love biking and walking as much as we do, join us for the next one!

This is not what we mean by a Ped and Pedal Network Call...

The  Ped and Pedal Network hosts monthly calls on various active transportation topics to help local professionals and advocates improve and increase walking and biking across the state. The calls are on the second Tuesday of the month from 1 – 2 p.m. and are hosted by the Bike Fed and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The calls may include a webinar portion with the sharing of powerpoint slides.

Calls take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 1 – 2 p.m.  Please register in advance via this online form. The conference call and/or webinar logins will be the same throughout the year so you only need to register once.

February Call Notes

1pm Welcome -Kevin Hardman: Thank you for joining the Ped & Pedal Network. We look forward to continuing to growing this statewide forum for walking and biking expertise and change.
1:05 Introductions- Julie Logue:  18 people are on the call
1:08 Federal Legislative Update-Kevin Luecke: The President released a budget blueprint that is pretty good for transportation but it is DOA because the House and Senate are circulating two very different bills.  The House’s bill is particularly bad: House leaders are exerting pressure to completely cut bicycling and walking out of transportation. Lawmakers seem to have gone through line-by-line to gut programs that make streets safer. Some of the more devastating provisions in the bill include:

  • Destroys Transportation Enhancements by removing the dedicated funding;
  • Repeals the Safe Routes to School program, leaving communities without basic tools and funding to protect kids on the trip to school;
  • Allows states to build bridges without safe access for pedestrians and bicycles; and
  • Eliminates bicycle and pedestrian and Safe Routes to School coordinators in State DOTs.

States would technically be able to fund bike/ped projects but it would be up to the State DOT. You may have received an advocacy alert asking you to contact your Representatives to encourage them to vote ”NO” on H.R.7 American Infrastructure and Energy Jobs Act. Late last week, our bipartisan allies in the House, who proposed an amendment in Committee, announced they are trying again to restore funding for bicycling and walking programs on the floor of the House.

The Senate bill preserves some key programs but cuts spending and expands eligible categories. To improve the Senate Transportation Bill (MAP-21) we support a bipartisan amendment, authored by Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Thad Cochran (R-MS), to guarantee local governments a voice in transportation decisions. We expect a Senate floor vote the week of February 27th and encourage people to contact their Senators on this issue.
1:14 Summit Info – Amanda White: The Bike Fed’s 2012 Wisconsin Bike Summit will bring together bike enthusiasts and professionals from every corner of the state to learn about bicycle infrastructure and programming, share success stories, and stand in support of making every ride we take in Wisconsin safe, enjoyable, and fun. Those who can lobby will be seeking passage of a Vulnerable Users Law and dedicated State funding.
Tuesday, February 21. Inn at the Park, Best Western (22 S. Carroll Street, downtown Madison). More details here. Please invite your friends and colleagues to join us.
1:34 Questions about the Summit: From Peter Herreid: Is the Bike Fed pursuing a cell phone ban for drivers?  Not at this time, but distracted driving is one of the triggers for enhanced penalties under the VU law and the Bike Fed is considering working on a cell phone ban for drivers’ in the future. Question from Sonia Dubielzig: Who has sponsored this legislation? It was authored by Schultz; Introduced by Cullen, Taylor, and Schultz; and C0-Sponsored by Zepnick, and Hulsey.
1:35 Lessons Learned from LaCrosse County Complete Streets Win – Jack Zabrowski: Getting policy makers, citizens, and decisions makers educated was key to their success. You can view his powerpoint here or come to the Summit to learn more!
1:52 Questions about Complete Streets: From Fred Heider: How does the mini-grant program work? Eleven area businesses received free bike commuting classes and $5,000 to make bike and walk commuting more appealing thru programs or infrastructure.
1:58 Thanks and Preview of Next Call: The next call will be March 13th, speakers to be announced.  Please join us by registering in advance via this online form.



About Jessica Wineberg, Deputy Director

The second staff member hired for the Milwaukee office 13 years ago, Jessica started our Safe Routes to School and adult bicyclist and motorist education and is now focusing on passing and implementing an equitable Complete Streets Policy in Milwaukee. Jessica lives in the Riverwest neighborhood with her son Everett.

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