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Bike Walk Civics is a workshop that teaches participants how to become powerful bike and walk advocates in their community. To make our communities places where more people walk and bike to the store, park, jobs, and school, we need many more people getting active and effective. Participating in community meetings and saying bike (and walk) is the first step. If you are past that step and want training to be a more effective advocate, join us! We are currently piloting the program and will offer both in-person, single day and 5 online session workshops in 2017.

The next series is Thursdays Noon-1pm, March 2nd to 30th.  Sign up here.

2017 Webinar Schedule (always noon-1pm)

3/2 Making the Case for Walking & Biking, Laws, & Design
3/9 Navigating Government Processes: Planning & Funding
3/16 Building Partnerships: Allies & Electeds
3/23 Inspiring Change: Media & Field Trips
3/30 Forward! Building an Advocacy Agenda, Learning from Local Wins

Bike Walk Civics is available to diverse audiences of concerned neighbors, bike club members, civic groups, neighborhood organizations, and other groups, as well as individuals who are interested in bike and walk advocacy.

We are seeking funding to support this program and welcome community support to bring it to a specific location for an in-person training. It costs about $1,500 for staff time and lunch for the group.

Thank you to the American Heart Association for supporting the creation of the project materials and pilot trainings.

Bike Walk Civics Trainings Include:

  • Tips for making the walking and biking case

  • Current and next generation Infrastructure and design, technical terms, and safety tips

  • How local government works and how to do a walk/bike audit

  • Strategies for equitable active transportation planning & advocacy

  • Guest speakers such as city planners, funders, and elected officials

  • Support to develop an action plan for improving walking and biking in your community


Please feel free to use these resources and tools to support your work.

Winter 2017 Bike Walk Civics Presentations


  • BikeWalkCivicsBingo card for downloading and printing and raffle entry form for BINGO winners!


2016 Pilot Webinar Presentation files (feel free to use locally)

  •  #1 Benefits of Biking and Walking
  • #2 Engineering/Design, Safety Tips, Bike/Ped Law
  • #3 Civic Structures, & Planning and Funding
  • #4 Partnerships and Media
  • #5 Elected Officials. #5.2 Audit Training
  • #6 Building an Advocacy Agenda & Culture of Ideas, & Wrap Up
  • All powerpoints combined into one file
Bike Walk Civics Webinar recordings are on the Bike Fed youtube channel for you to watch if you missed them.


From the Wisconsin Bike Fed

  • Share And Be Aware is a FREE education program that can teach free classes on walking and biking safety as well as educate drivers. You can request Share And Be Aware Ambassadors to come and provide local education in your community.
  • FREE Bike Driver’s Ed and Walking Wisdom curriculum for schools and Safe Routes to School programs.
  • Planning and funding assistance 

Download this resource »


From Others

  • Everybody Walk! Social Justice Toolkit
  • Urban Bikeway Design Guide from NACTO
  • Urban Street Design Guide from NACTO
  • Car counts for Wisconsin Roads
  • Bike Friendly Communities
  • Walk Friendly Communities
  • Bike Benefits, discounts for people who bike, promotes bike friensly businesses and the spending power of bicyclists
  • Canva free graphic design program to make flyers, etc
  • Google docs for writing and sharing documents, groups for group email communication and forms for surveys, online petitions and sign ups
  • Streetfight by Janette Sadik-Khan (book)