Bicycling at Your Workplace

Why are so many businesses working to improve conditions for bicycling for their employees and customers?

Improved ability to attract and retain a talented workforce

  • Today’s competitive salaries, costly benefits and mobile workforce mean workplace amenities can be the key to attracting and retaining the most talented employees. Businesses with attractive bicycle parking, bike commuter benefits, changing rooms, etc., have a definite advantage in the human resource department.
  • As the popularity of bicycling networking rides increases, bicycling is being called the new golf, without the expensive membership and greens fees.

Reduced health care costs

  • QBP, a $150 million/year wholesale distribution company with more than 450 employees headquartered in the Twin Cities, reduced its company health care costs by $900,000 over a three-year period by implementing a bicycle commuter benefit program (annual cost of $45,000).
  • QBP found monthly health insurance claims from employees who bike to work were $95 compared to $261 for non-bike commuters.
  • Studies show employees who bike to work are absent less than their coworkers by one day per year

Improved productivity

  • Extrapolated to QBP’s 464 employees, the bike commuting program productivity impact generates an annual savings of $301,136 on a cost of $45,000.

Lower parking costs

Increased sales

Convinced? Ready to make your business or workplace more bicycle friendly? Contact the staff at the Bike Fed to find out how we can help. If you want to take some steps on your own, we have provided a list of resources below.


  • Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals Bike Parking Guidelines
  • City of Madison Bike Parking Guidelines
  • Saris – Bike parking racks made in Wisconsin
  • Madrax – Bike parking racks made in Wisconsin
  • Bike Friendly Office Park – Schlitz Park Bike Plan and Bike Sharing Program
  • A great resource for all things bike/ped


  • Resources on bicycle safety
  • Bicycling Handbook for Employers
  • Employers Commuter Guide
  • Wisconsin RIDESHARE Bike Buddy Program – RIDESHARE now matches people who want to commute by bike with others who have similar routes and times.
  • Teaching Safe Bicycling – WisDOT offers Train the Trainer classes for people who want to teach bike safety to others at their workplace.
  • WisDOT offers numerous bicycle safety materials free of charge.


  • Wisconsin Bike Challenge
  • Promote Wisconsin Bike Week
  • Promote National Bike Month


  • League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Business Scorecard
  • Federal Bicycle Commuter Benefits pre-tax deduction guidelines