ACTION CYCLE! First meet-up success.

This post is by Angela Livermore, our Action Cycle Team Leader, and Safe Routes to School instructor.

We have room to grow! Join us on the next ride September 17th! 11am @ Dream Bikes!

Action Cycle’s first ride….a success!  We had a beautiful day of group riding.  We met up at Dreambikes and learned about bicycle sizing and how to find the right bike for you.  Once we all had helmets and proper sized bikes we hit to road.  We biked under the Marsupial bridge  below Holton St. bridge and enjoyed The Swing Park.  The ride then continued to Reservoir Park to take in a rare and beautiful view of the Milwaukee skyline.  The ride wrapped up with a water break at the Riverwest Co-op.  The girls were asked to journal about how the ride made them feel and where they did and did not feel safe while riding along in city traffic. We are looking forward to the five remaining scheduled dates. We will continue to ride routes by schools, parks, and other youth centered destinations to help give the girls the skills to venture out on their own safely and more often.   Milwaukee girls ages 10 and up please consider joining us.  Action Cycle’s next ride date is September 17th leaving Dreambikes (2021 N Doctor M.L.K. Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53212) @ 11AM.  See you on the road!

The mission of Action Cycle is to encourage youth of Milwaukee to realize strength and independence, to explore their community and to discover pride in such by taking part in group bicycle adventures.

Action Cycle is a bicycle centered, community focused movement for female youth who live in the Milwaukee area, focusing on area codes 53206 and 53212. Members take bi-weekly group rides, exploring their city in a new and intimate manner. Following a group ride, all members make a journal entry concerning the experiences that were exciting and/or made them feel unsafe. These experiences will illustrate to all whom participate they may be leaders and be heard. The program aspires to encourage youth to find bicycle routes to school or the library safely and independently. Action Cycle is a platform to use the power of the bicycle for youth to organize neighborhood improvement. Ultimately this program is a conduit for change where needed while empowering young female youth along the ride.



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