September Wisconsin Mountain Bike Advocacy Call

Hello Fellow Mountain Bikers. This months mountain bike advocacy call focused on NICA’s (National Interscholastic Cycling Assoc) second year here in Wisconsin. We spoke with Roger Bird, the head coach for the Monona Grove Composite team about his first few months as head coach, and his teams first race.

For those of you who don’t know Roger Bird he is a bicycle industry veteran, and someone who spent a lot of time racing mountain bikes at a high level. Below you will find the September 2015 podcast, where you can hear all about Roger’s personal passion to start a team, and his willingness to share the sport he so much cares about with others.

For those of you who are interested in or have considered starting a local Wisconsin High School mountain bike team, I hope this motivates you to reconsider starting a local High School team in your area, to expose kids to the incredible sport of mountain biking, to getting kids out playing in the woods and on the trails, and to making a positive difference for years to come!

Happy Trails, Matt

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