Devil’s Lake & NEW Sauk Prairie Recreational Area

Dirt Tester Matt here, with an update on some potentially new purpose built Mountain Bike trails, at an old state park (Devil’s Lake), as well as a new state park (Sauk Prairie Recreation Area).  The southern portion of Devil’s Lake State Park (that is Hilly & Wooded) sits on top of the northern portion of the S.P.R.A. (that is Hilly & Wooded).  Together this would/could make for some incredible purpose built single track mountain bike trails.
This is a call for the entire mountain bike community to make yourselves heard, and to support the opening of new mountain bike trails on state lands.  Read more below to see how you can help, even if you never plan on riding these particular trails, the future of better mountain biking in Wisconsin depends on the mountain bike community supporting each others regional projects.  We must let the powers that be, hear from you.  The more outside support for opening more purpose built single track, should gain us more epic mountain biking throughout the state.
Sauk Prairie Recreation Area

Sauk Prairie Recreation Area

Below is a letter that was sent out from one of the local mountain bike advocates, who is leading the effort up in this area;
The Sauk Prairie Recreation Area master plan, has added the burden of linking the start of development of any mountain bike trails within the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area, to the updating of the master plan of Devils Lake.  This could be a long process and could yield no mountain bike trails at all. Allowing the development sooner than later would fill a need for mountain bike trails in the area. This would benefit locals, tourists and also Sauk Prairie’s new youth mountain biking team. Sauk Prairie Eagles Cycling (SPEAC) currently has only .5 miles of public mountain bike trails to practice on. The earlier development of primitive mountain bike trails would be an asset to SPRA as a whole because they are the least costly and could be the quickest form of trail to develop. This would allow people on bikes to use the property and potentially drive donations, excitement and volunteers for the future and more family oriented trails.  The current Master plan calls for about 5 miles of purpose built mountain bike trails between the two parks.  The idea that only having 5 miles of mountain bike trails wouldn’t provide a quality experience is far from true.  Although more would be better, mountain bikers could use a combination of the family friendly trails and mountain bike trails, before any development into Devils Lake, to explore the property and still have an excellent experience.  Our current local choices are ride on a .5 mile loop or drive 1 hour to get to single track trails.
Here is what we are asking fellow mountain bikers to do:  Please comment on the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area Master Plan to allow development of mountain bike trails before the Devils Lake Master Plan is changed.  Build mountain bike trails now, don’t kick the can down the road.
Or attend the meeting.

Thursday, September 10th
River Arts Center
105 Ninth Street
Prairie du Sac, WI
Public Open House: 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
DNR presentation: 5:00 p.m.
Public Hearing: 5:15 - 8:00 p.m.


Happy Trails!

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