Some Trail Development Money Restored

The Joint Finance Committee, in the first of it’s votes on our issues, decided on Friday afternoon to restore two-thirds of the Governor’s proposed gutting of the Stewardship Fund, which is used in part to fund state trail development. Currently, the state invests up to $50 million a year for outdoor public recreation and habitat [...]

Attacking the Job Creators

I’m not much of a talk radio guy. On my weekly trips to Milwaukee I usually tune in a jazz or folk station on the Internet. But it’s worth giving a listen to a segment of the Charlie Sykes show from last week. Sykes is a conservative Milwaukee radio host with a lot of influence [...]

Cost of Complete Streets: .006%

  One of the arguments for repealing Wisconsin’s successful Complete Streets law is that it is adding to the cost of road projects. Well, the official numbers are in and the answer is it is adding costs… to the tune of all of .006%. That’s right. You can read that number not as “six percent,” [...]