Call the Cops!

Last week I received the following e-mail: Hope things are going well. I am a Bike Fed member and we have chatted and corresponded a few times. I am looking for your help in how to address a scary incident I had this afternoon. At about 12:20 pm today, Saturday the 15th of September, my [...]

Driving Change

In just 5 days last week, the Bike Fed trained 117 driver’s education instructors on the Share & Be Aware Driver’s Ed Class. Our instructors taught the classes at all of the Fall workshops for the Wisconsin Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association. Workshops   Agenda   Registration September 11, 2012 - Menomonie September 12, 2012 - Hayward September [...]

I am not a Bicyclist

I am not a Bicyclist, but the Bicycle is my avocation. I was raised Catholic, but I have faith in two wheels. I am a deer hunter, but the Bicycle is my recreation. I do not wear Lycra, but the Bicycle is my transportation. In every neighborhood in Milwaukee, any town in Wisconsin and every [...]