RW24: It's Gush Time!

  So much of life is spent in keeping other people out of it.  Private rooms and houses, private clubs and offices, private roads and beaches-with all of them the point is the same-”This isn’t your property.  It’s mine.  Keep out!”  Does this apply to you and your world?  A person is as big as [...]

Viva la Riverwest 24

Enjoying the festive atmosphere on Friday night at the starting line for the Riverwest 24 in Milwaukee, I was eager to cheer on co-workers, friends, and my whole neighborhood. Much more than a bicycle race, the Riverwest 24 is first and foremost a community building event in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood that encourages biking in the city. Certainly [...]

A Bike Race on the Calendar Changes Everything

Thanks to guest blogger Steve Meurett for sharing some sage perspective on racing and riding. You can read more of Steve’s thoughts from the shadows of Chatty Belle and see his great nature photography at his personal blog On The Edge . Not counting the Sweaty Yeti last March (and I should, it was a race and [...]