Riding the road less traveled

I love the variety of ways by which I can enjoy riding a bike - from commuting, to touring, to road racing, mountain biking, charity rides, and cyclocross. I also love the fact that something that I’ve done for almost 20 years can feel completely new just by changing the landscape or tweaking a variable [...]

This one goes out to all the ladies…

The next couple blog posts are just for women. Stop reading and jump two blog posts if you have Y chromosome Seriously, the first post below is about a women’s mechanics night Carloyn Webber is organizing for Mondays at the Bike Collective in Milwaukee: Hi Ladies! I organize ladies/women’s night at the Bike Collective, 2910 [...]

New Life in the Valley

I have been commuting to work on the Hank Aaron State Trail since it opened in April of 2006 when Milwaukee DPW rebuilt and realigned Canal Street as part of the redevelopment plan for the Menomonee Valley. That was during my first stint working for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, before the City hired me [...]