A sure cure for cold fingers

I bike to work no matter how cold it is, and I have always had trouble with cold fingers. I typically have to resort to mittens as soon as the temperatures dip into the 40s. I’ve tried everything, but have not found any gloves that keep my fingers warm for longer than 10 minutes or so. [...]

Used Bicycles Needed

The Bike Fed operates a used bicycle repair shop out of North Division High School with a mission to teach high school aged youth to refurbish bicycles for use in our Safe Routes to School program at Milwaukee Public Schools. Each season we are in need of approximately 150 bikes to keep our SRTS fleet running [...]

January eUpdate

This is a quick update to let you know about some of the things the staff at the Bike Fed and our members have been doing over the last month to make Wisconsin an even better place to ride a bike. Apologies to the daily followers of this blog as, but most of the Bike [...]

Member Guest Post: I'm feeling vulnerable

James is a neighbor I ride with on occasion, a bike fed member and a guest blogger here. He has been feeling a bit squeezed this winter as the piles of snow at the curb effectively narrow the roads.  As an attorney, he has considered his vulnerability from the legal perspective. I have told James, [...]