Why Bike the Hoan matters for Wisconsin

Tomorrow night there will be an incredibly important meeting to discuss a possible bicycle and pedestrian path over Milwaukee’s Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge.  This project more than any other, could be a watershed moment for bicycling in Wisconsin.  The upcoming redecking of the bridge offers a once in a generation opportunity to build a landmark [...]

Bicycling Boulder Junction

It is not unusual me to have sore muscles after I get back from a 50 mile bike ride, but it was my smile muscles, not my quads that were tired after I rode the paved trails through Wisconsin’s beautiful Northwoods from Boulder Junction to St. Germain.  My family and I took an all-too-short vacation [...]

How to Get 200 bikes in a Prius

As the state’s bicycle advocacy leader, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin is always looking for fun, effective ways to increase bicycling and build bicycle culture in communities across the state. We are fortunate to have many partners in Wisconsin who believe in our mission and want to help us meet our goals. Saris Cycling Group [...]

48-foot-wide 3 feet message

Thanks to the gracious support of Wheel & Sprocket, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin‘s first Share & Be Aware billboard was installed two weeks ago.  The 48 ft wide by 14 ft high billboard was up along I-94 for a week and then it was moved to its current location at College and Howell. The sign [...]

Let's Move Wisconsin

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has asked the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin to be a member of the city’s “Let’s Move” Task Force. This Task Force, which included, among others, leaders from the YMCA, Milwaukee Public Schools, and Growing Power, will guide Milwaukee’s efforts to become certified as a “Let’s Move City.” Let’s Move is a [...]