Milwaukee's 3rd Bike Corral

The owners of Cafe Hollander on Downer Avenue installed Milwaukee’s third bike corral today.  The first was installed by Alterra Coffee on Propect Ave.  The second was installed by the Nomad World Pub on Warren and Brady Streets.  So far none of these have taken away any legal parking spaces for cars, but cars used [...]

Flying Pigeon, a love story

This wonderfully shot video from the Yu Lu agency in Canada distills the cyclechic ethos down to its purest elements: regular clothes, an inexpensive but well equipped commuter bike, and the connectedness a person feels with their surroundings when riding a bicycle.  Then it adds a little bit of velocupid’s magic. The Flying Pigeon Bicycle from yulu canada on Vimeo. This may still be advertising [...]

Bicycle Underground Update

This week I have a few big and a few small underground bicycle events to promote around Milwaukee and Madison.  I remain hopeful that I can get advance notice of some other events going on around the rest of the state.  If you have a cool, non-traditional ride planned for the upcoming week that I [...]

Models on Bikes: Like or Don't Like?

Regular readers of Over the Bars know I am a big fan of the Cyclechic movement.  The term was coined by Mikael Collville-Anderson on his Copenhagen Cyclechic website. One effect of the cyclechic movement has been that marketing firms have begun to use bicycles to sell clothing. In the same way fancy sports cars and [...]

B-cycle Madison

Last Friday I finally got a chance to use the B-cycle system in Madison. I had a series of meetings, the first of which was at Shine Advertising. Luckily there were conveniently located B-cycle stations near the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin‘s current Madison office (we are moving SOON, call the Madison office if you can [...]