Memorial Day Ramble

Memorial Day weather did not disappoint.  It officially launched us into summer with sunshine and temps above 90 degrees.  It was perfect weather for me to suck wheel on the 3rd Annual Ronsta Ramble.  I have never been on Ron Stawicki’s 70 mile adventure ride from Waukesha to the wild woods of Wauwatosa, but it seemed a [...]

Beer, Brats, Bikes and Trains

My buddy John is a writer in Chicago who walks, bikes and takes transit everywhere he goes.  He recently wrote a bit about riding across southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.  The nice weather today got me dreaming about my own summer bike camping trips.  I would like to plan a few sub-24 hour overnight camping [...]

Cyclology of Guilt

I am a member of an email listserv for the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.  It is an extremely helpful resource for me at work. Recently there was a thread about people who wear bright clothing at night.  It was kind of technical in that it centered in part around the retroreflectivity of white fabrics compared to the retroreflectivity [...]