Hip Hop, Nairobi, Bicycles

Who would have guessed?  From Nairobi to Copenhagen to Tim K up in the Driftless Region to me in Milwaukee to you wherever you are. If the kids in Nairobi get it, perhaps there is a little hope for the future.  Check out  ‘Me and My Bike’ by Dickson Oyugi and crew, a award winning video from 1minutetosavetheword’s  [...]

Third Annual Wisconsin Bike Summit Announced

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin officially announced the date and schedule for this years state bike summit.  Check this link for details at the Bike Fed website.  Unless another volcano blows it’s top, this year’s keynote speaker will be Andreas Rohl, the head of Copenhagen’s bicycle program!  I saw a presentation by Andreas in Washington, D.C. at [...]

Chicago's bold new bike boss

Readers of Over the Bars know I like big ideas and big thinkers.  Anyone who knows me well can testify that I am fond of making personal pronouncements. Richard M. Daley, the previous mayor of Chicago, was a big thinker who was not afraid to speak out in favor of his convictions. Relative to bicycling, his oft-repeated [...]