Time for a break

This will be my last post on Over the Bars for a while.  I’m going to take a bit of a break.  I will probably come back and post again, but right now, I’m not sure when I will return or if I do, with what frequency I will post.  There are a few reasons for the [...]

Cyclechic NYC

Photographer Bridget Fleming’s work on her Downtown From Behind project may be all posed and styled, but who cares?  Great photos of interesting people on bicycles in Gotham, what’s not to like?  Her project is an effort to photograph all the streets of Manhattan below 14th Street and include someone who lives or works in [...]

Hoan Repairs

In reading the newsletter update below, it sounds like we will have another 3-5 years to wait before the Hoan Bridge will be redecked.  GRRRR, but perhaps this is a good thing since our new governor opposes the path.  What to do in the mean time?  Bill asked about the price of a ticket if a person is caught riding on [...]

I feel better now

I found the election and worries about the future clouded my thoughts Wednesday.  I had nothing but repetitive paperwork to do all day at the office that left at least part of my brain free to dwell on the losses and what they might mean.  My ride home was offered no respite until I decided [...]

What now?

There are many important issues up in the air after this election, but this blog is about bicycling, so I’m going to stick pretty close to that topic here. Is bicycle funding at risk? It is difficult to predict what may happen at the federal level with a divided House and Senate.  I am sure [...]