SWEEEET Fenders!

Wooden fenders look cool, but they are typically flat and water sprays out from the sides. Technology meets style in Woody’s compound curve wooden fenders. d’Andre, I advise you to avoid looking at his chain guards here or it may cost you.

Reminder: Cyclechic Foto Friday

Readers may send in their photos of happy people wearing regular clothes riding lovely bicycles, and I will post them tomorrow. Portraits or pandas, candids or staged, send them to overthebarsmke(at)yahoo.com  Until tomorrow, some photo inspiration from a woman blogger in Amsterdam, click on the image to see more from her very cool website Pay-Bas Cyclechic.

Rethinking the Design Vehicle

The new “design vehicle” bicycle planners are using is a 60-year-old woman on a shopping trip.  The thinking behind this is if you design a road that is attractive and safe enough for a woman on a shopping trip, most anyone will feel comfortable using it.  In this way all those slightly more timid people [...]