Bike the Big Apple

I’m back from New York City.  As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to take my Dahon, but use my Burley trailer and Schwinn Dutch conversion to get to and from the Milwaukee airport. That whole thing worked out quite well.  I enjoyed not having to break down the Dahon on the Milwaukee ends [...]

Pedalling to NYC

OK, not the whole way, just to the airport.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, I will be in New York City Monday through Wednesday at a pedestrian safety summit. I know I was all hyped to rent a cool vintage bike, but the cheap South Side Polack in me decided I should take the [...]

Saying goodbye to summer

Last night was autumnal equinox, officially the end of summer. But on Tuesday the temperatures climbed into the 80s for the last time this year, and I said my goodbyes then. I said goodbye to the blooming wild flowers on my route to work along the Hank Aaron State Trail, goodbye to wearing short sleeves and [...]

Bike plan approved! Now comes the real work.

The City of Milwaukee Common Council approved the new bicycle master plan on Wednesday with only one vote opposed from Alderman Joe Dudzik. This is a pretty big deal.  Before I post about the next steps toward implementation, I wanted to briefly discuss the lone dissenting voice because I have read some nasty comments elsewhere about his vote.     [...]