Fun Friday Photo Contest

Here are this Friday’s images. The entries have slowed down, and the chances of winning are still very good. We only have about a month left, so don’t hesitate, review the catagories and rules in the menu bar above and send in your pictures. I did put a Flickr page up for the photo contest, [...]

Copenhagen through North American Eyes

I usually don’t like to simply regurgitate stuff from other blogs, but take a few minutes to watch this great new video from Streetfilms and see through the eyes of other North Americans what a city looks like when most people ride bikes without calling themselves “cyclists” and policies and infrastructure are created that encourage the use of [...]

Sightseeing or Commuting?

It is almost impossible to hurry Oma along. She takes her own sweet time getting to work and home again. You just have to get in that spirit if you are going to ride with her, and perhaps leave a little earlier than usual.  But that is also the joy of riding with Oma, chances [...]