Going Dutch: First Date

Today was the first day commuting on the Oma.  It was a good first date because I had a number of places to go beyond just riding to work. Here is a list of today’s test rides:  1  Bike to work on City streets (5 miles)  2. Ride to the south side to meet the New [...]

Rules (of the road) are made to be broken

  The email below recently generated a lot of discussion on the Milwaukee Bikes to Work listserv I manage: To my fellow bike commuter this morning at the top of St. Mary’s Hill…southbound on Terrace at around 8:40, Greetings!  I love seeing you out there with your bike, helment, riding clothes and backpack with your gear [...]

Dave Goes Dutch

I broke down and bought a real Dutch bike.  Sunday I was in Chicago and stopped at the Dutch Bike Co. and tried out a Workcycles Oma.  I have had my eye on the different Dutch bikes for a long time and this one had all the features I wanted.  I must admit that for me a [...]

Bike Racing is Cool

I am all about real clothes, real people, real bikes might going place, not people in lycra riding $6K bikes in circles, but I still think bike racing is cool. I used to race and I still really enjoy watching bike racing.  It brings out tons of spectators, activates neighborhoods, puts money in the local [...]