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Building a better, more bike-friendly Wisconsin. ADVOCACY PROGRAMS EVENTS RIDESBFW PUBLICATIONS STOLEN BIKE LISTING DONATE JOIN TODAY MERCHANDISE ABOUT US BLOG ABOUT US HAVE A QUESTION? SEARCH HERE Staff Jobs Contact Hi, welcome to the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s organizational website. On these pages you can learn about who we are and how we work to make Wisconsin one of the best places in the world to ride a bike. apostas online Our Vision We are here to help make Wisconsin one of the best places in the world to ride a bike. We want residents and visitors alike - from all backgrounds - to make cycling a central and convenient part of the Wisconsin experience. Our Mission The Bike Fed is here to cultivate, motivate and unite a strong community of citizens as well as business and political leaders to move bicycling forward in Wisconsin - through education, legislation and involvement. What have we done for you lately? The Bike Fed is a growing nonprofit organization that represents thousands of members and the interests of the 2.5 million residents and visitors who ride bikes in Wisconsin every year, occasional recreational riders, hardcore racers, mountain bikers, commuters and everyone in between. We are the only state organization that looks out for the casino online österreich of everyone who rides a bike, no matter their area interest or experience. What does that mean? To make Wisconsin more bikeable, we have been active engaged in advancing pro-biking legislation, education and activities. We’ve made some big strides forward: How we legislate Passed law mandating 3-foot passing space Passed anti-dooring law Defined bicycle as a legal vehicle on the road Added $5 million in state funds for bicycling Restored $2 million to state budget after it was cut How we educate We offer fun beginner bicycle rides, safety information at hundreds of events and bike law classes that help both bicyclists and casino mobile suisse to understand how to be safe on the road. Our Wisconsin Bicycling blog provides valuable tips, cutting-edge information and breaking news on all things bike-related. We help thousands of children learn how to safely bike and walk to school. How we encourage Bike to Work Week encourages thousands of Wisconsinites to take on the commute by bicycle. The Wisconsin Bike Challenge involves more than 6,000 participants, logging more than 2 million bicycle miles. We love bicycling and we love Wisconsin. We believe that by making our state a better place to ride a bike, we make it a better place to live, visit, work and run a business. Take a look at some of the other pages in casinos online autorizados em portugal of our website to learn about our core programs, campaigns, job opportunities and to meet our growing staff. Bicycle Friendly Communities The League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Community Program (online casino deutsch) ranks communities across the United States as Gold, Silver, Bronze and honorable mention. The program provides incentives, hands-on assistance and award recognition for communities that actively support bicycling through a combination of infrastructure, programs and policies. There are currently seventeen Bicycle Friendly Communities in Wisconsin: Platinum Silver Bronze Madison La Crosse Dane County Shorewood Middleton Fitchburg Monona Wausau MPO Milwaukee River Falls Sheboygan County Eau Claire Onalaska Stevens Point Sturgeon Bay Appleton Menomonie People on bicycles are an indicator species for vibrant, economically healthy communities where people want to live, work, do business and visit. Investments in bicycling yield tremendously high returns at a very small cost apuestas deportivas online . Bicycling is such a cost-effective, simple solution for so many of today’s complicated problems, it’s no wonder communities across the state are working to make themselves more bicycle friendly. Here are some suggestions if your community is interested in applying for a Bicycle Friendly Community Award: Begin by downloading and reading the Bicycle Friendly Community Overview. Take a few minutes to evaluate your community with this quick Bicycle Friendly Community Scorecard. Download and review the full Bicycle Friendly community application before you begin the fill out the online application. It requires some research into demographics and infrastructure to complete. Plan your strategy for pitching bicycle-friendly improvements. Gather support. Call your government official and request a meeting. Ask for something specific and try to get a specific commitment. A good starting point is to ask if the person will submit the application for Bicycle Friendly Community status. Follow up and follow up (and follow up). Consider hiring the Bike Fed to create and submit your application - We have a proven track record of procuring designations including Madison’s recent Platinum Status In general, the League scores online casinos schweiz communities based on the five E’s: ENGINEERING – Bike lanes, bike routes, trails, bike parking, etc. EDUCATION – Availability of cycling education, safety materials, Safe Routes to School programs and number of League cycling instructors ENCOURAGEMENT – Bike to Work Week events, Bike Challenge participation, printed materials such as maps and brochures, fun events like Tour de Fat, etc. ENFORCEMENT – Bicycle police, laws that protect bicycles, targeted enforcement programs to encourage people to share the road, liaison between EVALUATION and PLANNING – Community Bike Plan, annual bike counts, evaluation of crash data, mode share, etc. EQUITY - while not an official “E”, equity is an important consideration, and is the recognition that recognize that youth, women and people of color are underrepresented in many bike advocacy efforts and local transportation decisions. Legislative Priorities As the state’s only organization that represents everyone who rides a bicycle in Wisconsin, the staff at casinos online argentina the Bike Fed has our work cut out for us. While our organization is growing, we will never have offices in every municipality in the state. And while we have been increasing the number of our local ambassadors around the state every year, we will never have enough staff to attend every meeting concerning trails and on-street bikeways. By passing bicycle-friendly state legislation, we are able to have a positive effect from Ashland to Kenosha and all points in between. The Bike Fed has been successful in our legislative efforts because our staff works cooperatively with all our local, state and national elected officials, regardless of party affiliation. Bicycling in Wisconsin has a long history of delivering a very high return in a relatively small investment. Pumping more than $1.5 billion a year into our state economy, bicycling truly is “bike-partisan.” The Bike Fed’s legislative efforts have only been successful because of good strategic planning for each campaign in casino virtual colombia . Those campaigns begin with you, our members, carrying the message to your locally elected representatives. The next step is to work with our paid Republican and Democratic lobbyists and key legislators to get our proposed legislation drafted and introduced. Once the legislation drops, the hundreds of members who come to the annual state bike summit spread the message in the Capitol. The Bike Fed has had good luck getting private meetings with the governor as well as Senate and House leadership to make sure they understand and support our legislative campaigns. While we are a Wisconsin advocacy organization, we also work at the national level to ensure our interests are represented in Washington. Bike Fed staff attend the annual national Bike Summit, casino online and we have excellent working relationships with most of the Wisconsin members of the House and Senate in Washington, D.C. Feel free to contact us about our future priorities or if you have any questions about the legislation we have helped get passed already. 2013 Legislative Priorities Goal 1: Restore federal funding for bicycling in the transportation budget The Governor’s proposed biennial budget for 2013-2014 cuts $14 million in federal funding for bicycling from the state transportation budget. Overall, the Governor is proposing to increase the transportation budget from $5.7 billion to $6.4 billion, but despite the increases increase for highway projects, bicycle funding would be cut. The Bike Fed is working to either maintain the previous level of federal funding for bicycling. Goal 2: Adopt Vulnerable User legislation Click here to read a preliminary draft of our proposed Vulnerable User Law. The Law provides for greater penalties for motorists injuring or killing vulnerable users of the road. States with law: Illinois (allows for Class 3 felony), Oregon, New York (A07917-C S5292-B) and Delaware O JOIN TODAY >

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