Hi, welcome to the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s organizational website. On these pages you can learn about who we are and how we work to make Wisconsin one of the best places in the world to ride a bike. online casinos schweiz

Our Vision apuestas deportivas online

We are here to help make Wisconsin one of the best places in the world to ride a bike. We want residents and visitors alike - from all backgrounds - to make cycling a central and convenient part of the Wisconsin experience.

Our Mission online casino deutsch

The Bike Fed is here to cultivate, motivate and unite a strong community of citizens as well as business and political leaders to move bicycling forward in Wisconsin - through education, legislation and involvement.

What have we done for you lately? casinos online autorizados em portugal

The Bike Fed is a growing nonprofit organization that represents thousands of members and the interests of the 2.5 million residents and visitors who ride bikes in Wisconsin every year, occasional recreational riders, hardcore racers, mountain bikers, commuters and everyone in between. We are the only state organization that looks out for the interests of everyone who rides a bike, no matter their area interest or experience. casinos online argentina

What does that mean? To make Wisconsin more bikeable, we have been active engaged in advancing pro-biking legislation, education and activities. We’ve made some big strides forward:

How we legislate casino mobile suisse

  • Passed law mandating 3-foot passing space
  • Passed anti-dooring law
  • Defined bicycle as a legal vehicle on the road casino virtual colombia
  • Added $5 million in state funds for bicycling
  • Restored $2 million to state budget after it was cut

How we educate casino online österreich

  • We offer fun beginner bicycle rides, safety information at hundreds of events and bike law classes that help both bicyclists and motorists understand how to be safe on the road. casino online
  • Our Wisconsin Bicycling blog provides valuable tips, cutting-edge information and breaking news on all things bike-related.
  • We help thousands of children learn how to safely bike and walk to school.

How we encourage オンライン カジノ

  • Bike to Work Week encourages thousands of Wisconsinites to take on the commute by bicycle.
  • The Wisconsin Bike Challenge involves more than 6,000 participants, logging more than 2 million bicycle miles.

We love bicycling and we love Wisconsin. We believe that by making our state a better place to ride a bike, we make it a better place to live, visit, work and run a business.

Take a look at some of the other pages in this section of our website to learn about our core programs, campaigns, job opportunities and to meet our growing staff.